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Tree of Knowlege Learning Academy


toklaMy fourth site for the Virtual Schoolhouse, Tree of Knowledge, and Learning Concepts folks. A new bilingual site for a new charter school in southern… more…

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Learning Concepts


learningconceptsAnother site for the educational facilities up in Cleveland. This is my first stab at making a one page site that holds all the site… more…

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Tree of Knowledge


tokAnother site for the same folks at Virtual Schoolhouse, in December I completed the Tree of Knowledge web site.

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Virtual Schoolhouse


virtualschoolhouseA redesign for a charter school in northern Ohio. This is actually the site I mentioned in my last post regarding WYSIWYG editors.

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    • motLogo Military Only Travel Logo

      motLogoAs part of the retro look and feel of the site, and based on the travel theme, I created the Military Only Travel logo with… more…

    • mot Military Only Travel

      motAn old Navy buddy, and the man indirectly responsible for my many trips to Italy on an almost decade long Navy web application project, contacted… more…

    • richardLynchBand Richard Lynch Band Logo

      richardLynchBandSome logo work I did in conjunction with the Keepin It Country Site and for the upcoming Richard Lynch Band Website. Richard is a local artist and… more…

    • kic Keepin It Country

      kicA site redesign for a local business specializing in country music, barn dances, hay rides, and everything country. The logo is from their old site… more…

    • Untitled-1 Say Yes To The Feis

      Untitled-1For those of you who do not know what a Feis is, Wikipedia says ‘The term “feis” is commonly used referring to Irish dance competitions.’… more…

    • paradyn Paradyn Technology

      paradyna few guys I have been working with for years spun off their own support company. The logo was designed by another firm but I… more…

    • anahata Mason Yoga

      anahataaka Anahata Yoga Center… a new yoga studio in Mason, Ohio. Inspiration from their business sign and a request for blues and greens helped me… more…